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Senior Center Interior Renovation
Red Hook East Houses

Scope of Work:

Architectural services for the complete renovation from a preschool to a senior center facility.

Owner Contact:
New York City Housing Authority



Job Description:

The existing nursery school at the Red Hook East Houses was the same as it was when first constructed in the late thirties. Designed for the youngest residents of the Red Hook Houses, it served the neighborhood well for a long time. After a senior citizens center was damaged during Superstorm Sandy, the building needed to be renovated to replace the facility.

Existing rooms had to be changed to meet new activities. A new kitchen and dining area were provided to serve both breakfast and lunch to the residents. New rooms were designed for computer classes. A new exercise room was designed to accommodate group activities,  such as yoga and dance, as well as solo workouts on stationary bikes and treadmills. Other areas provided quieter activities, such as sewing, knitting, and billiards, intertwined with socialization. The administration area was centrally located to allow the staff to monitor guests as well as coordinate the day to day operations. The rear of the building utilized almost full glass at each room to allow as much sunlight into the spaces as possible. Access to the rear yard was provided for outdoor recreational activities.

The entire building received new finishes, fixtures, appliances, lighting electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to service the needs of the new occupants.  The renovation transformed the facility from servicing the youngest guests to the most senior.