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Affinia Gardens - Energy Audit and Efficiency Study
215 East 64th Street, NY, NY

Scope of Work:

Owner Contact:
Denihan Hospitality Group



Job Description:

RO Engineering performed a comprehensive building energy assessment for Affinia Garden, a 135 guest room hotel located in the Upeere East Side of Manhattan, NY. The analysis presented herein includes: detailed field surveys, building data logging, Infrared Camera survey of the façade and mechanical equipment, building energy simulation using the Department of Energy’s (DOE) eQUEST, targeted interviews with building maintenance personnel, and input from select vendors to develop the results and recommendations. Monetary incentives are currently calculated based on ConEd C&I Programs. If the project moves forward with implementation of the EEMs, other state and utility programs will be explored in order to obtain the most favorable incentives currently available.