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Affinia 50 - Energy Audit and Efficiency Study
155 East 50th Street New York, NY

Scope of Work:
  • ASHRAE Level 3, Investment Grade Energy Study through ConEd C&I Program
  • Development of various Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Detailed construction cost budget and economic analysis
  • Cost estimating
  • Economic analysis of proposed measures


Owner Contact:
Denihan Hospitality Group



Job Description:

155 East 50th street is a hotel  building with  commercial businesses on the main floor located in Midtown Manhattan.  The hotel is approximately 160,000 SF with 20 stories and over 200 guest rooms. RO Engineering identified a number of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and operations & maintenance (O&M) procedures, which if implemented would reduce energy and annual operating costs significantly.  This analysis included detailed field surveys, building data logging and interviews with building maintenance personnel. In addition to visual observations, we have also used thermal imaging for evaluating the building envelope (exterior walls and windows) and we also performed a number of hydronic system mock ups to validate some of the proposed measures.